<Corporate Information>

[Corporate name]----------- NISHI MUSEN KENKYUSYO CO.,LTD.
[Establishment]------------ April 11, 1986
[Chief executive officer]-- Nishi Yuji
Leven Sannomiya Building Room#205, 2-1-29 Kumoidori, Chuou-Ku Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0096 Japan
Phone: +81-78-251-8721----- Fax: +81-78-251-8722
[Capital]------------------ 10,000,000 yen
[Main Bank]---------------- Sakura Bank, Ltd., Minato Bank, Ltd.
[Businesses]--------------- Developing, manufacturing and marketing various radio instruments and wireless tools

We at Nishi Musen Kenkyuujyo Co.,Ltd. are highly skilled in developing various
radio instruments.
Especially we have good techniques to design analog circuits for radio.
Our company has been developing and manufacturing several radio instruments for
the uses of business customer and Amateur (Ham) Radio hobbyist.
Additionally we are also going to develop and to manufacture some wireless tools,
such as "Wireless Terminals" and "Low Radio Power Devices" which no license is
required to operate.
Your custom orders are welcome.

[List of our products]
1. Instruments for the uses of amateur radio hobbyist
(a) 3.5, 50MHz All Mode Transceiver 10W PSN mode SSB, FM and CW
(b) 144MHz SSB Handheld Transceiver 1W
(c) 430MHz SSB Handheld Transceiver 1W
(d)1200mhZ Up-Converter 0.1W
(e) 144/430MHz FM Transceiver 1-45W (Mobile and Handheld PLL)

2. Instruments for the uses of business customer
(a) 60-900MHz Band FM Transceiver 1-10W PLL
(b) Data Transmission Wireless Device
(c) 1.9GHz Linear Amplifier 8W (for the PHS base station)

3. Others
(a) RF-ID Tag. Reader/Writer module for the Tag.
(b) Underground detector: Equipment for detecting any objects, which buried in the ground.
(c) Special SG instrument (Multiple Channels, High Stability)
(d) Receiver/Transmitter unit for IR Laser (50W)
(e) Wireless units, Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor

[Laboratory Equipment]
Spectrum Analyzers (10kHz-3.5GHz, 20GHz)
Radio Tester (10MHz-1300MHz)
(SG, Linear Detector, the High Frequency Wattmeter, Level Meter, the Distortion
Rate Meter and the Frequency Counter are built in.)
Standard Signal Generator (SG)
Temperature Experiment Box MC-710 ( -70 to 100 deg. C)
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