The development,manufacture and sales(Radio for the Amateur,Radio for the Business,RF-ID)

Equipment for the experiment (sannomiya-kobe office)

Product introduction
A license is necessary to establish a radio station in Japan.
A 400MHz band high-speed data transmission radio for the super-miniature artificial satellite (2.4 to 38.4kBPS) Re-development in 2006
Radio for the super-miniature artificial satellite-A communication distance is about 1000km. It has worked since June 30, 2003.
[Communication sound ]
The image of the satellite communication -Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory The University of Tokyo
The radio for the high-speed transmission of the super-miniature artificial satellite. It is developed again in 2006.
The oscillation circuit worked normally by the gamma ray irradiation that a low orbit satellite was equivalent to the radiation total amount for 3 that it was exposed. The output of the circuit declined gradually, and stopped working by the irradiation for 5 years.
---Reporting by The Kuroki laboratory of the Souka university.
As a result of having investigated a circuit after radioactive rays examination by Nishi Musen, IC1(constant voltage IC) and IC2(op-amp) became movement abnormality.

The small feeble tranceiver PIC communication set series (This can be applied to the active RFID tag. )
@There is a sample set which an including socket for the program document stuck to in the source list of communication software and the miniature transmitter.

The development of the special small miniature electric power wireless unit is received.

A high-speed long-distance RFID device cccApplication example FThe system which manages the entrance of the great many people and an exit ,Management of materials,a product or vehicle traffic

A marker detection devicecccApplication example FThe undergrounding thing detection(Gas / water service / electricity / a communications cable etc.)

The measurement device of the distance by the supersonic waves cccApplication example FBack sensor(The prevention of a collision when a car goes back ),Invasion, parking detection ,Position detection

PLL unitcccApplication exampleFA transmission and reception oscillator,A standard transmitter,A transmitter for experiment

voice playback board (Recording time :Max 16sec or 2sec ~ 5division)

Amateur radio NTS220 cc SSB/CW handheld Transceiver 

Manual For NTS220
Power consumption: RX 80mA(standby - no signal)  TX 250`700mA Max./6V

NTS210 & NTS710 is not being manufactured now.
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